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Noun. Large toothed and without genuine talent, this creature excels in feeding from the talent of others. Any attempt to irradicate it will result in it shouting "we won't stop" 10 times per minute in the next ripped off song.
When the puff daddy discovered that there were no more songs to remix, his head instantly imploded.
by Ayanna C. July 08, 2003
By far the shittiest excuse for a rapper ever known to man. He rips off other peoples music and over-dubs extremely shitty, bland lyrics over the top of it.
Puff Daddy, P-diddy, Sean Combs.
I don't give a fuck they all suck balls!
by Deeez Nuuutz July 04, 2003
He is so untalented, he might as well be called an ass-rapper.
Puff Daddy: I can't sing worth a cent, and I can only make some money by ripping on other people's songs.
by rock fan May 21, 2003
Puff daddy is a arrogant conceited lil wangsta who let the fame and fortune go to his head , now he act superior to everybody and like he dont giv a fuk about nutin. Hes a big asshole. Only thing he got goin for him are his money bitches and cars. Hes severly lackin in the personality department.
Puff daddy think he the greatest rapper ever.
by jeee February 28, 2005
a "rapper" with no talent, and a really long gay name
Sean John "P.Diddy Puff Daddy Puffy" Coombs
by Faran April 02, 2005
A creature who survives by feeding off other people's talent.

Besides the gay name, he is also master of taking a good song and converting to the worst thing your ears can hear.

Lives in the society called rap, where other talentless creatures reside.
we now see the puff daddy attempting to create a song of his own, a pathetic attempt nonetheless.
by fuckitall June 02, 2006
Changed his name serveral times and once just for one reason:
"Puff" means in german "body shop". Therefore he is a whoremaster of ugly rap.
Girl: He protects me cause he's my Puff Daddy
by Foxwild August 26, 2006
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