The involuntary release of soul from the male penis
C Nasty: Dude what smells like soul?

D Vi: Pueeeeeeeeeeef

*as D Vi shoots backwards across the room from the rocket like power of his pueef
by D Vi and C Nasty August 29, 2009
Top Definition
When a man farts out of his that possible?
dood, was that a fart or what was that?
by Chode Master December 13, 2003
A penis fart. Equivalent to the female vagina fart or "Queef" as it is more commonly called. Instead of a fart sound like a queef, the pueef will make a whistling sound.
*TWEET* "What the hell was that? Did some one just whistle?"

Bob answers, "Oh sorry dude I just Pueefed
by Dare Devil2010 March 30, 2010
The rare occurence of flatulence from a man's penis. The opposite of a queef.
Linda: I was sucking his dick so hard when he came it sounded like his dick farted!
Marge: It's called a pueef, Linda.
by Lizicle October 17, 2010
1. when a girl/guy poops and farts outta his/her dick/vagina
there have been rumors that such had occured, but there is no true evidence
Example 1. wtf that gordana chick pueefed while eating some cake at the wedding yesterday

Example 2. i dont even wanna know how theres poo on the front of ur boxers... did you pueef?
by pueef June 23, 2009
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