The male genitalia (penis and testicles) at the peek flaccidity
1. She would have done it if I was erect, but after the whisky shots, I was puddy the rest of the night.
by Victor Monsuelo October 20, 2011
Top Definition
Female genitalia or the acquiescence of female sexual company. Slang for "pussy".
Yo nigga, I get mo puddy than a pet shelter.
by Daveman March 14, 2005
pussy, clit, a girl's vagina
i touch a a girl's puddy today... her puddy was soo wet
by moe September 16, 2004
Elaine's on-and-off boyfriend on the TV sitcom Seinfeld. He's a grease monkey.
Puddy said, "It feels like an Arby's night!"
by yadayadayada April 22, 2005
Refering to the woman's vagina
Girl gimme that Puddy
by JamstiN November 24, 2010
used by women to describe the vagina (aka the pussy)
hey sexy baby, why don't you lick my puddy
by us November 14, 2003
In reference to someone's rear end that some might consider to have a putty-like shape or consistancy.
Damn, that girl can sure shake her puddy.
by Pseudonym July 16, 2004
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