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Female genitalia or the acquiescence of female sexual company. Slang for "pussy".
Yo nigga, I get mo puddy than a pet shelter.
by Daveman March 14, 2005
A noodle found in a group of noodles that is not of the same type as most others in the group.
Formed from "intruder" and "noodle."
"This is spaghetti, not linguini! Damn introodle..."
by Daveman October 24, 2005
A piece of pasta found with other pasta noodles that do not share its type.
Formed from "imposter" and "pasta."
"That's not macaroni - impasta!
by Daveman October 24, 2005
Acronym for "dog pound 2003", a group of very unattractive female engineers from USD.
Damn foo, that shit was like dp2k3!

Ruff ruff, like dp2k3!
by Daveman March 14, 2005

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