In reference to someone's rear end that some might consider to have a putty-like shape or consistancy.
Damn, that girl can sure shake her puddy.
by Pseudonym July 16, 2004
An inult that can mean pussy as in a person scared to do something, but is much more universal and can be used in almost any situation where an insult is required or it could be used as a nickname for someone you like to annoy. Can be shortened to pud and still have the same effect.
1 shut up puddy

2 why are you such a puddy

3 just do it puddy

4 hey puddy, grow a pair

5 puuuuddddyyyy!!!!!!!

6 fucking puddy

7 hey puddy youre gay

8 pine pine is a puddy

9 your a puddy and you have a puddy

10 gay ass puddy
by urmomspuddy April 16, 2010
a guy that everyone teases, he wreaks with a strong musty odor that no one likes. puddy is also someone you can't understand when he talks
" puddy get that out of here. go take a shower you pudd"
by Mike is big September 29, 2009
a fart or flatter
the deci boy did a puddy
by ali.c June 08, 2009
short for the word "pussy" often used to disguised the word while being exclaimed in a public area.
Coach Randall my puddy is better than yours
by doc March 20, 2005
(v.) when you stare at someone squinting your eyes you give someone the puddy look.
This idiot that I was talking to gave me the puddy.
by jerry January 26, 2005
a species of monster from the show power rangers.
hey jason a.k.a the red ranger, you better watch out there is a puddy right behind you!
by skatterbrain December 30, 2004

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