pudding is surgar and milk lol\
eat ur pudding or else
i mean it
pudding or yogart
lov te pudding
EAT IT!!!!!!
by pudding lover December 13, 2008
verb, the act of ejaculating
Stop, I need to pull out or I'm going to pudding right in your snatchbox 20
by alex DMC September 06, 2007
The brown sticky substance that accumulates in your underwear when you don't wipe your ass well enough.
Dude, we gotta go. I've got pudding!
by confucious_say September 09, 2007
PUDDING-god's favorite snack
-You are not a believer of the PUDDING!
-PUDDING rules you and your little hamster named bob!
-Suck my PUDDING hole!
by Jason November 13, 2004
a person who is stupid,or does somthing stupid
"owen you stupid pudding"
by mike morton September 24, 2005
a polite name for someone who has just done something stupid or silly.
"frank spilt tea all down himself, what a pudding!"
by clangnuts February 21, 2005
Another way of saying lesbian sex
I had some awesome pudding last night with Nikki
by Stefani Strokes August 18, 2005
if someone is CHUBBY and loves there choclate or pudding they are a pudding!
tom you are a right pudding!
by the great j October 15, 2004

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