A somewhat portly tabby cat who does not enjoy cold weather or loud strangers. This cat resides in Southeast Iowa with a loving and supporting family. She is quite the spoiled tabby and is considered to be a "miracle cat" due to the fact that she has diabetes and is still living and breathing today.
Hey Pudd! Let's go play in your palace!

Pudd needs another insulin shot so that she can stay alive!
by Eric Juster November 27, 2007
Top Definition
A nickname for the "couple" Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter from McFly. The word comes from combining the two's last names.

Harry and Dougie are going to get married! Pudd is my OTP!
by ichnal May 20, 2007
The semi-chunky liquid substance which secretes out of a pregnant womans vagina when pressure is slowly exerted onto the apex of her stomach. Usually resulting in a "squish" sound, commonly refered to as a puddf.
My boss is always munching on that pudd at the office nigga.
by A. W. Dicklicker January 06, 2007
It's when two males named Harry and Dougie who are in love with each other, and don't want to admit it. They use other people to vent their love that they can't share with eachother, people occasionally call it 'bromance' when in fact they are actually having a secret relationship.
I know about Pudd's love, they need tell everyone about it.
by half of pudd November 29, 2011
Referring to the male genetalia, penis, dick, cock, etc
Guy 1: Dude! What The Fudge, Knock First
Guy 2: My bad, I didn't expect to see you wacking your PUDD

In European Countries, Pudd Wacking is a competative sport
Pudd. p-u-d-d derived from the word *pudding*, It is any white suspension (liquid/solid mixture) found on a person's face.

Commonly, Pudd can be seen on a male or females face after a penis emits the liquid from it pee-hole.

However, it can also consist of any other substance that fits the bill. for instance, if one was to get mayo on their face from eating a sandwich or vanilla pudding after trying to eat a cup of pudding with no spoon. in this sense it is commonly used to make a double entendre.

One further use is if there is a residue left over from the use of illegal narcotics on one's nose or facial area.

Bonus points are always given when Pudd lands in the "Puddee's eyes, nose or hair or facial hair etc.
here's a napkin, you've got some pudd from that burrito
by ECPope October 04, 2010
V. (to) Pudd - When pudding has gone from liquid to somewhat solid, it has pudded.

V. Pudding - The act of pudding, the pudding is pudding (thickening) as we speak.
Hey look, my pudding is pudding!
by The Pudd Master April 21, 2009
1. verb: pudd
To pudd someone, as in pudding. Or to make someone feel pudiful. (Look at number 2 for further info)

2. Adj: Puddy
As in pudiful, not pitiful but can be used in that context. It can also mean beautiful or awesome.

3. noun: Pudd
As in Pudding.
Or Pudd. Can be a person. Or a weird flubber like thing like silly putty. Can actually be used in a context such as "putty".

i.e. not to be used in the same context as a male penis.

Can also be spelled as pud
1. I will pudd you.

2. You are pudiful and awesome because you are like chocolate pudding.

3. You are a pudd. PUDDDD.
You are a hobo and also a delicious random baloney sandwich.
Not a penis.
by PUDDDD February 23, 2010
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