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A term used to describe the tightness of your sphincter following a close call. Some as yet unidentified factors are high enough to cause discomfort as you must take an appreciable amount of time to remove from your butt that what you were sitting on.
Almost laying down my bike around that corner had a pucker factor of 7.
by tradesman June 09, 2003
The pucker factor is a scale by which someone can assign a numerical value,from one to ten,to an occurance or encounter that frightens or terrifies.
This describes the level of reaction of the sphincter during times of crisis.
NOTE:A Pucker Factor of 10 can only be truly achieved upon death or dismemberment.
"G'damn dwarf came up on me in the dark,I thought it was that mean-ass dog for a second,gave me a pucker factor of bout 5.9"
NOTE: This happened to me recently.

"HOLY SHIT,that dude parachuted into a GAWDAMN ALLIGATOR FARM!"
NOTE:There is little doubt the parrachutist reached a PF of 10 easily,perhaps the entire way down.
by CrowTard March 10, 2006
A term used in the early 1970's US Army Paratrooper School to describe the fear of jumping out of an airplane for the first time.
He had so much pucker factor as he was about to jump, you couldn't drive a ten penny nail with a two pound hammer through his ass.
by plumber extraordinaire August 21, 2003
The act of your sphincter grabbing some of the seat underneath you as you narrowly escape a dire situation (i.e. an emergency procedure, enemy fire, RPGs, SAM missiles.) while flying a helicopter for the U.S. Army.
My pucker factor was on level 10 when I experienced enemy fire and lost power to my engines. We autorotated and made it safely to the ground. But dang, i still got some of that seat in my butt.
by AViatorQ March 04, 2010
Tension caused by high stress during a difficult or dangerous situation. So named because your sphincter tends to tighten up
or "pucker" involuntarily during such times.
The pucker factor was high when Tyrone was stopped by the cops for speeding while having weed stashed under the seat.
by B_playa005 April 02, 2009
When an EMT or Paramedic arrives on scene of a call and the first impression of the patient is called the Pucker Factor. The Pucker can be visual as well as nasal. A person who has taken a dump in their pants can lead to a pucker factor, not only of the butt hole but of the nasal passages as well, depending upon whether the EMT or Paramedic is a green rookie or a seasoned veteran. The higher the pucker factor of the EMS providers on scene, the more urgent the need for rapid and immediate transport to a hospital. A partial amputation would have a pucker factor of a 5 or 6 whereas a complete amputation would have a pucker factor of a 7 or an 8.
EMT1: What was that call last night, I heard it go out but I was out of town?
EMT2: It was a victim of pretty serious fall at the construction site over on Third Street.
EMT1: Damn, how bad was it?
EMT2: The way he landed, he was all twisted up like a pretzel. It gave me a pucker factor of six right away.
EMT1: No shit, so what did you guys do?
EMT2: I called dispatch to get fly the bird right away.
EMT1: Wow, no shit. I wish I had been there.
by Jay Dog February 02, 2010
When your sphincter puckers to an applicable amount
If you hit a golfball and it tends to go towards a window on a golfcourse, then you might get a pucker factor of 5. If it really gets close to the window, you might get a pucker factor of 8..etc
by Curt Kowalski March 19, 2008
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