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An occurence by which a person is beaten about the head and shoulders with a nightstick or other wooden club.
"HAW HAW HAW,that nigga resisted arrest,and got a wood shampoo for his troubles."
by CrowTard March 10, 2006
The pucker factor is a scale by which someone can assign a numerical value,from one to ten,to an occurance or encounter that frightens or terrifies.
This describes the level of reaction of the sphincter during times of crisis.
NOTE:A Pucker Factor of 10 can only be truly achieved upon death or dismemberment.
"G'damn dwarf came up on me in the dark,I thought it was that mean-ass dog for a second,gave me a pucker factor of bout 5.9"
NOTE: This happened to me recently.

"HOLY SHIT,that dude parachuted into a GAWDAMN ALLIGATOR FARM!"
NOTE:There is little doubt the parrachutist reached a PF of 10 easily,perhaps the entire way down.
by CrowTard March 10, 2006
The ability to act like shameless crack whores and arrogant liberal bitches and call it equality.
Example of womans rights to choose
Man:"Can I help ya change that tire,mam?"
Woman:"Don't you think I'm capable of doing it myself?"
Man:"Actually,no,seeing as how your 5'1",got the jack backwards and in the wrong place,and those lug nuts are rusted pretty good...;But go ahead prove me wrong."

Alternate Example:

Man:"Can I help ya change that tire,mam?"
Woman:"Don't you think I'm capable of doing it myself?"
Man:"Listen here u dumbass cunt,I just got off work,am tired and dirty,but I stopped anyway to see if I could help;Apparently not so fuck you."*drops tire iron,leaves*
by CrowTard March 10, 2006
The realization upon wakening after a night of drinking that the partner of choice you lucked upon last night,in the clear light of day is in reality fugly.
This condition is not as serious as a coyote wakening,however,it is responsible for a large number of lies and a usually rapid exit from the environs.
Dude1:"damn dude,you were wasted last night."

Dude2:"yeah,and I had the mornin fuglies...I was sneakin out early when the scag woke so I told her I was going to find us some breakfast."
by CrowTard March 10, 2006
A descriptive term used to mean something particularly nasty,bad or horrendous.
"G'damn,that was as much fun as a mouthfull of spiders."

"Jesus,I'd rather have a mouthfull of spiders than to kiss her scaggly ass."
by CrowTard March 10, 2006
A term used to describe something so wonderfull that it would be worth any sort of heinous action.
Dude1:"God amighty man,he sold me that Sig Sauer for a mere 300 beans."

Dude2:"Sheeit,that's a MOMMA SLAPPIN deal if I ever heard a one!"
by CrowTard March 10, 2006
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