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Pierce the Veil, a post-hardcore band
Did you enjoy PTV at the last Warped Tour?
Yes!! Remember when Kellin played with them?
by gerard-waysass January 23, 2013
Pay To View
online content available via payment only - PTV
by ukginger September 20, 2013
Play Boy Television
Hey guys wanna chill at my house and watch some ptv?
by J 2 the A xX September 06, 2008
Pornographically Transmitted Virus
Any virus or malware that appears as a direct result of internet porn-watching.
Man my system has so many PTVs that i had to format it.

If you click on that window you will definitely get a PTV.

If you get and PTVs on my system I will kill you.
by XpideR G August 05, 2009
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