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The American use of this term comes from a 1979 movie called "The Psychotronic Man". It refers to the ability to control the physical world with your mind. Because of this movie the word psychotronic fell into generic usage for obscure cult films.
We are going to the midnight showing of psychotronic films down at the Lake Theatre.
by level7 May 25, 2006
Psychoactive sounds... audio frequencies\tones that evoke bodily responses like the brown note
the government has been studying psychotronics for over 20 years.

Some people say psycotronics are the, "digital drug"
by M0T0RH3D January 31, 2006
Completely RAD. Comes from an episode of the Battletoads TV show, in which one of the toads refers to something as "psychotronic!!"
Dude, that hoverboard in BttF2 is PSYCHOTRONIC!!!!
by GiantKillerRobots January 10, 2004

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