Neuro Linguistic Programming - The Study of Human Excellence.
Richard Bandler.

Are you sure enough to be unsure?
How do you know that you are depressed?
How do you know when to get depressed?
by Ivan Staroverskyy December 27, 2004
Grafitti expression for: "Nique la police!". Used in the movie "La Haine".
It's french for: "Fuck the police!"
French guy 1: "Tu as vu ce que j'ai ecrit sur le mur?
French guy 2: "NLP?"
by Blackburn August 05, 2008
It stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The study of the mind, broadly speaking.
He's delved into NLP since his grnama died from Alzheimer.
by Andy November 23, 2004
Naked Lady Place. Aka nudie bars
Hey buddy, let's get some ones and go to the NLP.
by Thefrog February 22, 2014
Abbr. Next Level Poor
DREW: "Hey Barry, want to go see a movie"
BARRY: "Sorry, I can't. I'm NLP"
by uhleeshaw May 21, 2010
Stays for aNaL Penalty
If you`ll do this, John, you`ll have an NLP from me!
by Mr. Snack July 16, 2010

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