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A class of narcotic pain releiver, taken from the Opium Poppy
Codine, Morphine, Heroin are all opiate class narcotics.
Vicodin is a Synthetic Opiate.
by M0T0RH3D March 12, 2006
A Dextromethorphan-only containing product, produced by Xanodyne Pharmiceuticals, INC; a premium alternitive to Robotussin
Drop the Robo foo! DexAlone is better!
by M0T0RH3D November 05, 2006
DMT. often times, DMT users report meeting and talking to elves, and "machine elves".
Dude, you got the elf spice?
Elf Spice is not for faint of heart.
by M0T0RH3D December 18, 2006
A REAL strain of Marijuana....(orignal seed bank MIGHT have been Mr. Nice Seeds)
there are SEVERAL different hybrids of G13 from Soma SeedBank...
G13 Haze x Amethyst Bud
G13 Haze x Free Tibet
G13 Haze x Heaven
G13 Haze x Reclining Buddha
among many others!
by M0T0RH3D February 01, 2007
Hard Disk Drive maker. They have achieved several milestones; including:
worlds first 10,000RPM SATA Hard Drive (Raptor)
Worlds fist HDD with a built-in window.
among others.
I have all Western Digital hard drives for my desktop PCs

Western Digital is my favorite HDD brand!
by M0T0RH3D May 03, 2007
A USA-made air-cooled tobacco pipe; popular for marijuana smoking in other nations. (and hard to find in the US)

The pipe itself is titanium; as is the domed screen. The outside of the pipe is a solid aluminum heatsink; which reduces heat from smoke via passive air cooling and heat trasference via thermal conductivity (like CPU heatsinks)
I got my Raydiator today!
The Raydiator is a designer pipe.
The Raydiator has a domed screen; unlike most pipes!

by M0T0RH3D May 03, 2007
Corporation. Founded in 1979 by disenchanted fairchild semiconductor eployees. Now commands over 20% of the CPU market.

Intel's archrival
Advanced Micro Devices was the first to release dual-core processors to the general public.
by M0T0RH3D November 26, 2006

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