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One who attempts to garner favour by flattering influential people, but does so to a psychotic, often violent degree.

Usually someone who feels insignificant in their own life, this drives their need to tort the lives of others in a negative way to exercise any kind of power.
Wow, that Jen girl is such a psychophant, I heard she slept with that guy just so her boyfriend would get mad and kick him off of the team!
#psychophant #whore #slut #drama llama #drama #annoying
by TheBigJay August 13, 2007
psychophant: n. a person (most often found in chat) who sucks up by endorsing the craziest ideas or ridiculous subjects in hope of gaining attention to themselves.
Tina: I only smoke vegetarian cigarettes

Joedoe: Me too ,and I love the way that they enhance your stunning intellect too!

Moe: Don't know about that, but psychophantic praise makes me taste puke.

#psycho #suckup #sycophant #toady #lackey
by B.F.Goodbitch October 24, 2007
Psychophant — sai’-ko-fant
A person suffering from a mental disorder in which contact with reality is lost or highly distorted, and which is characterized by unembarrassed fawning over the current administration and its lackeys.
The Joker on Batman had Psychophant
#sycophant #crazy #insane #mad man #fucked up
by Mr. Pixie November 22, 2010
Someone with a penchant for murder, but brown noses and builds up his victims' self-esteem prior to dispatching them.
"The victim lay in a pool of blood, but had apparently died with his ego fully intact. Detective Massimo determined was the work of a psychophant."
#brown noses #suckhole #sycophant #flatterer #subservient
by Stirling Argus May 28, 2013
A fan who is so over the top in their adoration as to come across as a completely obsessed psychopath.
The folks over at are such psychophants that they spend their days discussing what presents to give to him and how nice his backside would look in M&S underwear.
#sycophant #fan #fanboy #brett anderson #suede #the tears #fucktard
by Timeblind August 15, 2006
A person who is not afraid of anyone or anything.
The Joker from Batman is a psychophant.
#joker #psycho #fear #nothing #death
by whoopwhoopchic October 21, 2011
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