A super sweet guy that many desire but not many can have. He's everything that a girl could ever want. Whoever gets him is lucky and they should never let him go!
"Omg is she dating massimo?"

"She's lucky to have him!"
by Angel2124 August 21, 2016
Is a very charming Italian guy who has his way with words and knows how to bring a girl in.. But he's a fuck boy. Once he get what he wants hell leave at the worst time possible... He doesn't care how bad he hurts a girl cause he gets so many. He's everyone's first choice.. He also tends to not get enough of one girl he has to have them all and cheats. Never is loyal.
"Hey Massimo I miss you"

"Miss you too babe, you're so much better then my girl.. I need u"
by Anonymous8;) July 15, 2016
is a guy who doesnt know what he want

Doesnt know what he has until he really loses it
He's sweet amazimgg person and when he finds happiness he lets it go ...he doesnt think bout his actions before he acts out......he breaks the heart of someone very special ...someone who cherishes him with all her heart¨........massimo needs to figure out things and to make up his mind to figure out what he wants .....and fast before its too late........most of the time nice guys finish last this is massimo case... he's a late person.....
dont fall in love with a massimo u will onli be heartbroken
by real truth101 February 22, 2010
someone who refuses to skeet for money
someone who gets no action
man, that guy is such a massimo
by teabagger June 21, 2004
A kid who is equivalent to limp dick and will never get any action and is usually somebody's bitch
That kid is such a massimo
by vincent iannece December 06, 2010
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