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Pussy Slaps Per Second, slapping a pussy with your dick, seeing how many you can get in one second.
How high is your PSPS even at brah?
by Lukisfer November 17, 2013
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Stands for PLUS SIZE PLAYER, someone who is usually over weight but still manages to attract the ladies.
She chose me cause Im a PSP...
by JHubba December 19, 2011
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The word PSP can be used as a short cut for its famous advertisement, "PSP step your game up!"

Usually in the context of getting someone to do something
-"Dude smoke this Jeffry with me"
*"Nah dude im to tiered"
-"PSP dude PSP!"
*"Alright hand it over..."
by Wipeout99 June 23, 2011
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the porn you watch before you shower so you can jack off
Devin: Hey, just took a shower, came all over the place
Elad: how, do you need porn?
Devin: PSP
by superfuckerman May 17, 2010
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Pretty Small Penis.
Tom: Hey, Bill. You playin with yo PSP?
Bill: Yeah im playin with my pretty small penis.
by AiNt BanGin June 20, 2009
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acronym for Platnium Status Player
Since I am a P.S.P, I have no time to sleep!
by Cory K August 27, 2007
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PSP = playstation portable, the term psp also stands for the following words psp = pretty small penis so if u have a psp im sorry
girl:yo! my boyfriend got a psp.

dude: wow im so sorry...
by Criss4105 September 02, 2009
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