Crafty way of referring to cocaine. Related to the original street name white girl, and to their favourite Starbucks drink.
Hey bruh you got that PSL??
Ya man you know I got the hook up!
by deadstock December 11, 2014
A man or boy with some nice thick juicy lips that u could suck on ALL night. Which means his lips are good to suck your pussy, where he would be really good at eating you out. Basically, its just Pussy Sucking Lips. (Find a nigga with 'em and damn........i did and i dont think ima ever leave him!)
Damn, Trey Songz be lookin mighty fuckin fine with his PSL.....
by Krayzie Gurl November 10, 2005
1) Perverse Sexual Lust (often for a cartoon or comic character)

2) Pouring Saliva Largely
1) I think I'm getting some PSL for Joyce from It's Walky. Wiigii]!

2) Woah, PSL. Why are you wearing a superhero leotard?
by CannedLizard March 16, 2005
n. Acronym or abbreviation for "proper storage location".
"I have to put my shoes in their PSL or else my dad will get mad."
by Pwny912 July 18, 2009
A person that loves to deep throat pink sock.
I know he is a PSL, because he always has some guys pink sock in his throat.
by Joker80 May 09, 2008
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