Top Definition
1. Used to express disbelief

2. Used to verbally "shrug" somthing off.
Guy 1: "So anyways I was only going 14 miles over the limit and..."

Guy 2: "Psha! You told Guy 3 you were going 19 miles over the limit!"


Guy 1: "Isn't that somthing you should go to the hospital for...?"

Guy 2: "Psha..."
by Xhelix March 12, 2005
used in place of "yeah right" or "whatever"
the size of a babies arm?? Psha! i don't think so!
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
A way of brushing someone off, almost like saying "you dont intimidate me."

Mostly used with a stank face or eye roll.
I would look better in that dress.
Bitch, Psha.
by MiszyPF July 29, 2010
A name for candy or referring to candy.
"Man you got any psha left?"
"dude that psha was awesome"
"You need to get me some more psha"
by Pyro >>>> February 04, 2009

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