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1. Used to express sexual attration or intent if used in the most explicit form.

2. More likly used as an exclimation of sorts ranging from displeasure to approval.

Originated from the Quagmire character on the TV show Family Guy. He uses the word in the first manner. As a note this word is hardly used along, instead it tends to repeat itself several (commonly two or three) times in a row.
"Gigity gigity Gig-it-y!" --Quagmire
by Xhelix March 12, 2005
1. Used to express disbelief

2. Used to verbally "shrug" somthing off.
Guy 1: "So anyways I was only going 14 miles over the limit and..."

Guy 2: "Psha! You told Guy 3 you were going 19 miles over the limit!"


Guy 1: "Isn't that somthing you should go to the hospital for...?"

Guy 2: "Psha..."
by Xhelix March 12, 2005
A quote from a very amusing flash animation spoofing The Mario Brothers.

Used to show approval with an action or plan of such. Also used as a verbal taunt to some extent.

Possible dirivatives are:


Guy 1: *Enter the room with a confident swagger* "Shigity Shigity Schwa!"
by Xhelix March 12, 2005
Taken from the popular phrase "Shigity shigity schwa!"

1. Used to express agreement or excitement about some matter at hand.
Guy 1: "...and thats my plan."
Guy 2: "Shigity!"
by Xhelix March 12, 2005
1. Titties below the normal ones.
Also if used as a verb:
2. A desrespectful or harmful action.
1. "You need to have an operation to get that subtitty removed, Ms. Jenkins."

2. "I so subtittied that britch with my mp5 while she was lookin' the other way!"
by Xhelix June 25, 2005

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