A person who uses "big words" to impress people, insists on being politically-correct all the time, constantly bitches about "the system", and thinks they're gods among men because they're atheist.
"Billy is such a pseudo-intellectual; he thinks he has to take American Government I this year because the school board's trying to brainwash him."
by Rei August 23, 2003
A bunch of academic quacks who have substantial abilities in faking their exaggerated reasoning abilities, and resent doing "real work" because they consider it "beneath them".

1. They question, or do not believe in the existence of God, because being an atheist makes them feel rebellious, distinctive, and "smart".

2. They sponge up much needed financial aid that would have been better invested in technical fields like engineering or medical research.

3. They are no valuable use to society. Their theory about the "Ambitions of Man" will not stop the emerging SuperAIDS epidemic from wiping out those who can't afford the state-of-the-art prescriptions. Same goes for SARS and the bird flu.

4. They congregate at StarBucks because without a adequate shot of caffeine, which is what their blood is mostly composed of, their heart rate would slow down and they will literally "freeze" to death.
Pseudointellectuals believe in God and his Son's birth only during the Christmas season, so they can upgrade their cell phone plans and state their own independence from "mainstream" society by buying overpriced shirts from the Abercrombie captioned "Fuck Bush".
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by C Tan March 19, 2006
Somebody that tries too hard to not be "typical" by saying they like whatever isn't the trend. Usually they listen to post-rock like Mogwai, Sigur Ros, and Interpol. (I like some of those bands too but I don't keep shoving my musical taste at a bunch of n*sync fans to try to feel a false sense of superiority) And they like anything described as "indie"; movies like Ghost World, Donnie Darko, Requiem for a Dream, and Whale Rider. If you said those movies were popular(which they pretty much are) they would get pissed. Basically, they're people that miss the point about actually enjoying something cause they're too caught up at trying to look cultured, therefore they are posers.
"After watching Donnie Dark and listening to the new Godspeed You! Black Emperor a millionth time, the pseudo-intellectual sipped java at the "cool" cafe where he talked about how intellectual he was for not liking anything marketed"
by Jose Angeles July 17, 2004
Most accurately defined in I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker max:

"{A pseudo-intellectual typically has}horn-rimmed glasses, drinks Pinot Grigio by the glass at bars, buys poetry books but never reads them, avoids red meat, shops at the Kiehls counter, acts indignantly offended by Howard Stern,{and}likes to drop names like 'Foucault' and 'Sartre' in normal conversation."
These individuals, typically between 17 and 35 in age, can generally be found in the local coffee shop or art gallery and become very prevalent near the coastlines. However, the most common breeding grounds for pseudo-intellectuals are college campuses, with special emphasis on the Ivies, the Ivy equivalents, and tiny-ass liberal arts colleges.

Further characteristics of a pseudo intellectual include:

-ordering appletinis by the glass and requesting that they be "heavy on the apple and light on the 'tini."

-Rolling their own cigarettes (if they smoke).

-Railing on smokers for polluting the environment (if they don't smoke).

-Driving a small-ass hybrid, eating dolphin safe tuna, and criticizing those who pollute despite the fact that their Clinique makeup (if they are girls)was tested on defenseless animals and poor kids in Nepal.

-Acting "eccentric" to differentiate themselves from the masses as to seem unique, even though their kind are quite common.
-Consistently criticizing America and its citizens for no good reason, followed by the claim that they will move to Paris after they graduate from college in order to escape American "hypocrisy" and "naivete" in pursuit of a "higher culture." I didn't know high culture was defined as the act of running to America when in need then returning the favor by bitching out and waiving the white flag when America needed help (yeah, I'm talking about France).

-being nonconformists for the sake of nonconformity. The problem here is that by not conforming, they are actually conforming to the nonconformist movement and, thus, are still conformists. The majority will just respond by calling you "domesticated and uncultured" while the few honest ones will realize the error of their ways and immediately kill themselves to rectify the situation (but much to my dismay, this rarely happens).

-Having extremely bizarre statuses and/or information in their facebook profiles.

-being "liberal" solely for the sake of being liberal. Ask them what liberalism is and they will provide you with some nonsensical prattle about how you are not "enlightened" enough to understand their supposedly superior logic.

-watching or claiming to watch and enjoy French movies that no one has ever heard of. They also read similar books and will willingly criticize you for reading good fiction books like Harry Potter or reading any form of nonfiction.

-Liking Che Guevara yet knowing absolutely nothing about him or what he did. This trait is shared by wannabe Rastas as well.

Bastions of pseudo-intellectualism:

-Columbia University
-Harvard University
-Davidson College
-Carleton College
-Every high ranking liberal arts school
-Any school with a strong art or environmental studies program.
Douglas: This girl in my biology class about how great this new french movie called "L'SurrenderMonkey" was. When I asked her if she saw "Taken," she stated that she "finds American cinema to be far too bland, as the characters typically lack emotional complexity and generally never experience a cathartic moment of transcendence."
Zach: Fucking pseudo-intellectual. How did you respond?

Douglas: With 30 seconds of dumbstruck staring....then I proceeded to powder the pimp hand and slap her multiple times across the face.
#fraud #rasta #phony #pseudo #sniggin
by Herak Obama February 12, 2009
Someone who uses flashy words and quotes from intellectuals to make them sound a bit more clever than they really are because they don't have original thoughts for themselves.

Also see: pretentious
That bloke thinks he's a nihilith - yet he doesn't know anything.
by Kelly Osbourne's Gimp April 25, 2005
Someone who pursues knowledge in a variety of categories for purely social reasons and tends to have only a basic understanding of many concepts.

The pseudo-intellectual doesn't seek knowledge for the purpose of better understanding the world, but rather to enhance their image. They also prefer to interpret concepts in a way that allows them to use their knowledge as a weapon in social scenarios. They'll use the misinterpretation of facts to appear objective and correct, and thus unaccountable, when "talking shit" on another person.

The pseudo-intellectual will challenge opinions or views as a way of making a personal attack. They then usually assume an imagined victory and will feel that the one they've attacked has been "put in their place". Pseudo-intellectuals are very catty and have a strong desire to socially dominate others.

Pseudo-intellectuals are quick to judge others and are usually very sure of their superiority based on their ability to use knowledge as social ammo. They'll use any means available to prove themselves "correct" and tend to believe that being correct gives them a blank check for any social pursuits, including ones that are undertaken purely for self gratification.

Given their usual motivation to either impress or dominate their peers, the Pseudo-intellectual is completely uninterested in any knowledge that they can't use in this capacity.
"I wish that pseudo-intellectual cunt-punt would shut the hell up! He's only going after that chick's interpretation of the movie because she refused to sleep with him."
#pseudointellectual #douche #intellectual #douchenozzle #social enema
by feodora December 22, 2009
A person who is controversial for the sake of being controversial. One who engaged in "mental masturbation."
Tim Leary and Carl Sagan are pseudointellectuals. They have no merrit within science.
#bullshitter #mental masturbation #controversial #pothead #snob
by Bourbaki November 07, 2005
A pseudo-intellectual is someone who is too stupid to realize they are a pseudo-intellectual. This person is well armed with defense mechanisms, is extremely caustic and passive aggressive in the interest of protecting and preserving their delusions of grandeur.
conscience: Wow... I'm reading all these definitions of pseudo-intellect and my personality completely matches their descriptions... Must boost self-esteem and let the world know how intellectual I am. I know! I'll create a pseudonym called kookoodumdum and exploit my shattered ego! There. I'm a pseudo-pseudo-intellectual. I rule.
#irony #hypocrite #buddha-ego #paradox #miserable prick
by kookoodumdum September 03, 2009
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