One who believes that they are truly intelligent, but isn't.

Found largely in college campuses, these people immerse themselves in a certain subject - may it be politics, philosophy, physics, etc - and spend a great deal of their lives memorizing as much as they can about it. In an attempt to prove to the world that they are gifted in the subject area, they talk in-depth about even the smallest facet of the subject, to anybody in earshot who's too polite to stop them; they tend to spin the conversation to do so.

To a temporary acquaintance, this technique usually works, and the listener parts with a feeling that the "expert" is intelligent. Spend time with this person, or perhaps know a little about what they're talking about, and you realize it is all just facts given in verbatim by others who are more intelligent than they could ever hope to be.

A sad thing, really, as those who do it have little else to be proud of, and define themselves by their "intelligence". As such, they will always seek validation for their efforts, but it is important not to call them on this. Instead, simply avoid the person... that is, unless you can't help yourself.
Jack and Sarah: "Oh, hey Jim! How's it going?"

Jim: "Great! I just finished reading an introductory book on string theory! It was a little bit below my reading level, to be honest, but a good read nonetheless! You see, what it has to do with is..."

*5 minutes later*

Jim: "...and that's the basic idea behind string theory! Problematic, yet with the potential to explain everything, eh? I'm really excited for the future!"

Sarah: "Wow! I don't understand that! You're smart!"

Jim: *gushes*

Jack: "Well, talk to you later, Jim."

Jack, under breath: "Fucking pseudointellectual..."
by uncomfortable truth September 01, 2009
Someone of below/average intelligence who does poorly in school, can't argue without hitting or yelling at someone, and refers to the "straw man argument" too much. They try to put a lot of thought into comebacks or their own opinions on things that do not need intellectual flexing, and then speed their voice up to make it sound like they're saying it with ease, but they really can't even understand what they're saying. The Pseudo-Intellectual evolves by the person mentioned "waking up" after watching a documentary, reading a book, etc. Half of the "intelligent" things they say are quoted, and they WILL ignore you if you mention it. They also try to aim at family members the most, trying to show that everyone in the family is stupid except him/her. The common Pseudo-Intellectual can be found on political forums like Zeitgeist, who plan on changing the world, but hardly do anything other than sitting on their computers planning. Their ego-centrist attitude may also come from the family holding the person the highest.
George: Why is Damian bringing up Kusunoki Masashige in this discussion about school?

Mary: I'm pretty sure his memory stems back to the latest thread of a political forum, and he's trying to impress us with something he's only going to remember temporarily.

George: Everyone thinks he's intelligent, but in reality he's a pseudo-intellectual.
by Sumone Whoknows Alotofstuff November 24, 2010
a person who spends more time trying to look intelligent than actually being intelligent.
pseudo-intellectual: hey, check out this self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.
you: you mean that SCUBA gear?
psuedo-intellectual: yeah, that.
by Rora47 July 26, 2012
Annoying hippie type, usually raised as a spoiled brat who uses big words recycled from university text books. While these individuals can appear to be of above-average intelligence they tend to slip when challenged by people with superior intuition. Often describing themselves as being 'epic', they excuse their own shortcomings by regurgitating philosophy and liberal studies.

Pseudo intellectualism is a common hindrance requiring immediate sterilization to insure absolute nullification.
He slept with my recent ex-girlfriend and told me that compassion means allowing love to find it's own way home. He's an asshole. He's a pseudo intellectual.

Hi. I am Christian. My name is epic. I use words I only partially understand. I pretend I understand things like philosophy and Buddhism. I do this because I am a pseudo intellectual.
by Oddmanic March 04, 2011
a dull, characterless individual who hides their complete and utter lack of personality behind long, fancy words and phrases, most of which they looked up on during their many hours of spare time

pseudo intellectuals are often sexually-deprived basement dwellers or lazy teenagers who moderate an online forum or chat room

reveling in their heightened cyber-status and demonstrating bogus levels of self-confidence and self-esteem they could never muster away from the shield of a computer screen, they belittle less frequent internet users - often targeting their spelling or grammar - when in fact their own issues are ten times worse

a pseudo intellectual relies on his or her artificial web-authority to convince them self that they don't have a vacous, doleful and uninteresting life when the truth is that they'll never achieve anything away from their computer

ask a pseudo intellectual about something which requires an original, individual thought process and they'll show their true colours
james: hey whats up
Ryan.: I type everything in full sentences, and use excessive punctuation. I'm smart.
james: what do u think of obamas foreign policy?
Ryan.: Bush's speeches were funny, LMFAO. Now fuck off, newbie.
james: lol pseudo intellectual
by gunnerman1 February 04, 2011
Implying the false display intelligence, this is a term correctly applied to people who lie about their own intellectual background, claim to have studied matters they haven't, to have read books they haven't, et cetera.

A great majority of Internet users, however, are fond of using the term incorrectly to, often anti-intellectually, refer to those whose phraseology annoys them.
'Dude! Dude hey!'

'What is it, Dan?'

'Dude, that guy said a weird word. He is such a pseudo-intellectual.'

'You're a fucking idiot, Dan.'
by Kelan Emrys April 13, 2007
It's hard to define this word. Basically a pseudo-intellectual is originally an average person who have the ability to absorb information but unable to do anything with it.

A pseudo-intellectual isn't exactly dumb, but he/she certainly isn't on par with a truly intelligent person.

A truly intelligent person understands "pattern", he doesn't need to read the newspaper on a daily basis to know what's happening around the globe, but rather he can accurately predict what would happen in a period of time. (This is exactly how people like Darwin was able to come up with Evolution, things come in pattern).

Characteristics of a pseudo-intellectual:

- Bragging about what college he is going to without giving a good legitimate reason. (Someone went to Cornell just to get a teaching degree)

- Using big words and foreign words in his/her writing or daily language in an un-necessary amount. (Someone who describes himself as a proponent of "independent citizens' movement")

- Inclined to join an Extremist Political Faction (Both right & left)

- See my 2nd point, except he/she lists a LARGE amount of bands/books/quotes in his biographies on his/her Facebook page.

- Being a Grammar Nazi (because they are too snobby and profound to understand what you've said when you left out the 's' at the end of a plural noun).

- Name is more important than inner quality (e.g. someone who claims Einstein as the Greatest scientist ever lived but doesn't know what he did.)
I used to be a pseudo-intellectual but I've realized how 'stupid' it made you look.
by auslander raus September 20, 2010

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