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Gucci-glasses wearing pricks who think they are smart.
English Literature Professor: So let's discuss Henry the Fifth.

Pseudo-Intellectual: Well much more evidence has come about showing that Shakespeare was gay.

Is that all you are capable of adding to the conversation? We are talking about the story of a King of England, his personal and political turmoils, war, written by the Bard, and you think it's even relevant that maybe the Bard smoked a little pole? Who the fuck cares! Sucking cock doesn't make you legitimate. Being fucking awesome does. Stop seeking legitimacy by saying fucking awesome person X was gay. Just because your dad hated you and rejected you, don't try to refute that by being all "well the Bard sucked cock and he wrote significant works of art".

Go out and do something with your life, and stop wasting my time.
by Schleb August 10, 2009

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