A band consisting of two twin girls lynx and lamb that talk about all sorts of racist shit. they need to be taken to a concentration camp and be show what it was like there and how much horror the people there felt. They chose there name because that is the color of the dye that was used in the Zyklon B gas used to kill millions of innocent people.
Prussian Blue: We love Hitlor
Me:* throws a tank full of zyklon B into there house. NOW SEE HOW IT FEELS
by piggofdoom January 23, 2007
Top Definition
A White nationalist girl band.
Prussian Blue, a pop band composed of twin sisters Lynx and Lamb who believe that their race has a right to exist.
by Rob Freeman April 25, 2006
a mediocre white nationalist folk band comprised of twin sisters Lamb and Lynx Gaede. They have fucked up beliefs that they were born into due to the teachings of their white nationalist mother who may be the most horrible person since hitler. Their music is not overtly hateful and doesn't sound too bad even though it is passionless, boring, and mediocre.
prussian blue has a belief system I don't agree with but they do have some musical talent.
by heavy metal machine September 11, 2009
A controversial white nationalist pop duo consisting of Lamb and Lynx Gaede, two fraternal twin sisters. Although their music is defined as racist due to its references to skin heads, the aryan race, etc. the duo is merely proud of their heritage and the music is not extremely aggressive or violent compared to most neo nazi music (with the exception of Saga). The duo released their first album (an album they would later regret making) which contained white nationalist songs and Norse mythology themed songs such as Road to Vahalla and Aryan Man Awake and soon released a second album which was more well received due to its more mainstream subjects in the songs such as crushes, school life, etc. and not containing too many nationalist songs and a third album which is a combination of the previous two. The band's activities have since been limited due to Lynx's deteriorating health.
That's all there is on Prussian Blue. So yeah....
by OHNOMAN November 28, 2009
The KKK's answer to the Olsen Twins. Twin girls whose minds were tainted since birth by their sick, white supremacist mother. Now they perform and release folk music that, in a "subtle" and "heartwarming" manner, tries to promote and support the disgusting plague that is white supremacy. Not only is it disgusting, it's disturbing. Disturbing in the sense that a grown woman would pollute the fragile, impressionable minds of her offspring with this shit. But they probably won't be going very far anyway; these two girls can't carry a tune in a dumpster.
Racist moron: "Prussian Blue is the best music duo ever! There's *so* much truth in their songs!"

Me: "Shut up, you idiot!" (Punch)
by HueyFreeman September 10, 2006
Two girls in need of being cured by my man jewce.
I'd like to set Prussian Blue straight on the path of tolerance by having a three-way with them. Yeah, you KNOW you would too.
by rustyshackleford December 10, 2007
A band set up by white supremacists, to try and tap in to the lucrative nazi] paedophile market.
Only nonces like Prussian Blue.
by Scuzz August 06, 2006
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