the state of being dissolved, as in sugar(energetic, tired, asleep, and awake all at the same time due to the effects of oxycodon or from a combination of oxys and other mind enhancers, i.e. blow, trees, drink, glass, k, and in some very courageous but rare cases, x beans.)
she wondered how i got her off 12 times without sploogin, i told her i was oxidized.

she asked why i havent blinked or moved in about 4 hours. 20 min. (possibly up to 4 hours) later, i very slowly turn to her and say "oxidized." so she put on a porno and gave me head.

a large anvil fell on my head. i just fired up a blunt and said "man that was some shit, lucky i was oxidized."
by zjizzle November 20, 2007

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