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1.) The Guy from X-men who can make multiple copies of himself

2.) A member from twiztid who used The x-men guys name hence why he calls himself "the multiple man" he likes comics so he used a comic charecters name any person who says there a juggalo and doesnt know this. READ X-MEN LOSERS
1.) oh shit Jamie madrox is surrounding us with all his copies

2.)Jamie Madrox and Monoxide child make up Twiztid
by piggofdoom November 13, 2006
Someone who talks crap and acts hard over the internet; nerd who hides behind a computer screen acting tough
cyberthug: Man you are so pussy dawg I will beat yo ass man i will fuck you up fo sho!
Normal person: nerd.... quit talking shit over the internet...
by Piggofdoom October 03, 2007
A Nickname for the Fresh Fuckin Native Anybody Killa
ABK " Im a Rattlesnake don't test me slither BITE! slither BITE!
by piggofdoom November 15, 2006
Any body that listens to that muthafuckin crazy native ANYBODY KILLA!
Warrior: Fuck ya Anybody Killa is coming to my town!
by piggofdoom November 15, 2006
A band consisting of two twin girls lynx and lamb that talk about all sorts of racist shit. they need to be taken to a concentration camp and be show what it was like there and how much horror the people there felt. They chose there name because that is the color of the dye that was used in the Zyklon B gas used to kill millions of innocent people.
Prussian Blue: We love Hitlor
Me:* throws a tank full of zyklon B into there house. NOW SEE HOW IT FEELS
by piggofdoom January 23, 2007

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