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When someone spends too much time in a shower, bath or swimming pool and ends up with soft, wrinkled skin. This then leads to the person looking like a Prune, hence the term.
Person 1: Man, that was a well deserved bath!

Person 2: I can tell - you're Pruning all over!
by Grbel08 August 12, 2011
A condition often related to extended periods of Internet-surfing, causing the mouse hand to feel uncomfortably cold.
Can be cured by wearing gloves.
After browsing hilarious YouTube videos for hours, I realised I had to stop due to my ever-worsening Surfers Hand.
by Grbel08 August 27, 2010
The scottish pronuciation of 'Will you please kindly leave'
Tourist: Hello, do you mind telling me where I am?

Scottish man: Noo, ya can Fack oof!
by Grbel08 April 21, 2010
A single Pooping session of such varying colours and textures that when the creator looks back on his handy work, the toilet pan is awash with a multitude of psychedelic colours.
And on the fifth hour, he looked back upon his work to find he had created the Psychoshit.

'The Holy Shitter' Verse 14-15 (c.1540 AD)
by Grbel08 July 06, 2010

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