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prostitute, english slang
work the corner, prozzy!
by Ashley January 06, 2004
British/Australian slang for prostitutes.
John: Those women look rather slutty.
Richard: That's because they're prozzies, mate.
by Fresh Kid Ice June 13, 2010
The best message board on the internet, whose members are by far the most attractive people on the planet.
Dude, I was just banned from Prozzies for being too ugly.
by Spoonfan April 24, 2005
"A forum for da ho in all of uz"

A congregation of elite attractive witty open-minded individuals who enjoy discrimination and all things perverse.
Hey yo, those people at Prozzies make me sick. Ya'll ain't got no self respect. Notice how my girl don't post there no more? Yeh. Word.

(Real life exmaples of people too ugly for Prozzies)
by Bruce April 25, 2005