of or relating to the act of initiating a 5 pulse defense
c'mon lets get a prowler going!
by ipfreely February 23, 2003
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A dangerous sexual predator, or general criminal involved in abductions and rapes.
"Man, let's go bash that prowler talking to those girls near the school."
"I was walking down Lambton Road and when I looked behind me I saw this suss looking prowler following me."
by Diego July 07, 2003
One of the most beautiful throwback vehicles Chyrsler ever made. It's a shame they stoped making them. A beautiful car that would be a travesty to drive in a sub par part of town.
My prowler is the greatest investment to date, next to a 61' big screen tv.
by Mr. Dwayne October 21, 2004
A colloquial term for a police car.
The officers ran to the prowler and chased after the suspect.
by BerrySkye May 09, 2012
Prowler is one of the Brittish heavy metal band Iron Maidens first songs. You can listen to it on the record "A real live dead one" as a live recording.
(from live recording) The PROWLER!!! (instrumental first 1 min) Walking true the ceiling, looking......
by Guffe December 01, 2007
The most intense level of a facebook/myspace/twitter/youtube stalker. As soon as they find a social networking link, they'll click on it and look through EVERYTHING.
Joe:Wow, can you believe Taylor? She searched the link for Nick's facebook and saved all 876 pictures of him! What a prowler!

Ronnie: Damn, she's prowlin'
by tvamp June 18, 2010
Act of shitting quietly and softly as to not disturb other patrons or your in-laws; this act leaves behind almost no traces, no foul odors or toxic smogs, opposite of a 'growler'
My girlfriend invited me over to eat dinner with her family for Christmas dinner and I had to drop a prowler in her bathroom.
by Robbie Mitchell II January 23, 2011
a fat/chunky/overwheight horny country girl who attempts to seduce any male that will succumb to the prowl, usually via text or instant message. The prowler will use any chance she has, and any window of oppurtunity to get herself some fresh meat.
Dude, did you hear who the prowler got last night? i feel sorry for him.
by POLAR PIZZA May 27, 2010
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