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Immitation of the sound that a fart makes. Used mostly by french-speaking people
(it's an onnomatoppé..)
by FrenchLascar187 February 11, 2004
53 17
The cross breed between a piranha and a trout, found mainly in regions of the Arkansas River in Colorado. They are extremely ferocious and upon meeting a prout, one's life may be in danger.

Characterized mainly by large frontal teeth and swimming upstream.
The Prout were swimming so far upstream, when the boy scouts in my raft fell out I had to reach in and save them quickly, so they wouldn't die by the prout's enormous frontal teeth.
by Lovetheriver May 05, 2009
5 6
A crazy white boy who derives pleasure from harming himself
Yo man. You see that Cracka? He's Prout
by That man BOJ September 20, 2006
13 20