someone who has no respect for themselves.
J hogan is a prostitute. Takes his clothes off for money and dances around like a monkey.
by shanin alsop December 08, 2010
selling your body for money
This boy in my class is such a prostitute. I always see him on the the street corner.
by Magazine March 09, 2007
A person who is usually someobdy who performs sexual acts if payment is arranged or they may do it as a favor because they just want to get laid. also see whore, slut, laid.
Oh my god you dirty prostitute whore! I cant believe you brought me here!...I'll see you in my room in five minutes.
by BuckSnort December 27, 2005
A person (usually a woman) who sells his/her body to be used for lewd acts by (often crazy) strangers for money (or other forms of payment). In other words: fucking/sexual acts for money; prostitution is only about the money, not about sexual pleasure.

Prostitutes (especially the lowly streetwalker) are often targets for rapists, murderers, and other criminals since they make themselves especially vulnerable to attack. Their managers, known as pimps, are often abusive to prostitutes and are known to exploit them.
Many women (mothers included) who are in economic trouble often have little choice but to prostitute themselves as a sure way to support themselves.

I would say that Ann Coulter is a prostitute, but that's putting it too lightly for that bitch.
by Lorelili February 13, 2006
*A person (yes, apparently men can be prostitutes as well) who condones sexual acts for payment of money.

*A hack received by a woman who is dressed beautifully, or if the woman is beautiful.
"I didn't know guys could be prostitutes!"

ME : "You got some nice duds today babe. ^-^"
CHICK : "Thank you. That other kid said I looked like a prostitute."
by Dave March 20, 2004
a person that has sex with someone under the conditions of payment
That guy is a prostitute; he payed a girl $500 to have sex with him.
by Anonymous Whatever May 23, 2016
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