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A young girl (around ages 12-13) who is dressing and behaving in such a way that is reminiscent of a prostitute...or her favorite celebutant (e.g. Paris Hilton).
A re-pubescent female who is scantily clad, hanging out in a public area (e.g. the Mall or movie theater) and behaving like a "stupid spoiled whore."
I hate going to the Neshaminy Mall movie theater! It's always way too crowded and always crawling with prostetots! Last time I went some prostetot totally yelled at my boyfriend...she was like 13!
by 814icaj May 08, 2008
14 0
A word used to describe young whores-in-training. Generally slutty younguns {ages 9-14} Similar traits to Death Eaters, commonly found in public, displaying their wares. Often actually for free!
"What's that on the street corner?"

"That? It's a prostetot! Mindy?!"

(keep in mind when encountering her, When she gives you affection, You'd better wear protection, That skank might have an infection! Are you paying close attention?)
by ChelseaSmile September 26, 2009
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a young girl who dresses extremely skank-like for her age. usually between the ages of 8-12.
that girl's only in grd 4! what a prostetot!
by [name here] February 23, 2006
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A prostitute that is exceptionally small in stature...like a midget
midgets pay for prostetots.
by bitch please. March 22, 2008
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