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2 definitions by 814icaj

A young girl (around ages 12-13) who is dressing and behaving in such a way that is reminiscent of a prostitute...or her favorite celebutant (e.g. Paris Hilton).
A re-pubescent female who is scantily clad, hanging out in a public area (e.g. the Mall or movie theater) and behaving like a "stupid spoiled whore."
I hate going to the Neshaminy Mall movie theater! It's always way too crowded and always crawling with prostetots! Last time I went some prostetot totally yelled at my boyfriend...she was like 13!
by 814icaj May 08, 2008
A "she" comb-over. When a woman combs the hair on the top of her head over the top to either cover a bald spot or she's trying to have cool bangs but fails.
I went to wal-mart to see the prostetots with their celebutant wanna-be schovers.
by 814icaj May 08, 2008