A combination of probably and possibly, but with a greater tendency towards probably.
Do you think you'll go to Lynn's party?


Huh? Do you mean "possibly"?

No, because it's not totally probable.
by Yuan Zhou December 05, 2008
Top Definition
A combination of possibly and probably.

If an event is both possible and probable, save yourself some time and admit that its prossible.

"Can and will likely happen".
Wanna go for coffee?

Busy now, but later I'll prossibly ant to go.
by Tanner August 31, 2004
A combination of possibly and probably. If possibly gives something a chance from 0% to 50% of happening, and probably gives something a 75% or greater chance of happening, then prossibly is the area between the two, the range of 50% to 75%.
Person 1: Hey, you want to go to the movies on Friday?
Person 2: Prossibly, depends on whether or not my boyfriend has to work.
Person 1: Dag, you can't let him control your life.
Person 2: But he loves me!
Person 1: Lame.
by evapor8ed October 19, 2006
A mixture of possibly and probably, indicating an uncertain degree of uncertainty.
A; "You going to be on-line tomorrow?"
B: (having no idea one way or the other), "Prossibly".
by MoLincs September 20, 2009
is a mixture between the words probably and possibly. Is used when you are unsure about which one best describes the situation.
the cardinals getting into the 2011 mlb postseason was prossibly the greatest comeback in the long history of the sport
by jaysfan1340 October 27, 2011
It means either probably possible or possibly probable. Actually prossibly both.
Singer: Does that make me CRAAAAZAAAYYY!?!?!?!???
Me: Prossibly...
by Ema_la_chica1995 December 08, 2011
Prossibly is a cross between probably and possibly. It is more than possible but less than probable.
Are you going to quit your job soon? Prossibly......time will tell....
by observe ant June 05, 2013
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