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Old fashioned running shoe, plimsol, pump.
Derived from an advertisment for Dunlop Athletic Plimsols' but now a common term for sports shoes and trainers in parts of England and Wales.
Teacher to class: "get your daps on" (hurry up).
Also, 'diahorrea' is shit with daps on....
#trainers #sports shoes #dap #hurry up #diahorrea
by MoLincs September 20, 2009
Trying to do the near impossible due to having or being given the wrong tools or insufficiency of time.
Usually preceded by "like pushing...".
The refusal of management to see the blindingly obvious despite it being pointed out and insisting upon something inappropriate.
A:"Can you get this new program to print?".
B:"No, I've told the service centre every day this week but they still say it's ok; dealing with them is like pushing diarrhoea uphill with a rake".
#pushing uphill #uphill #impossible #management #unreasonable #struggle #rake
by MoLincs September 20, 2009
A mixture of possibly and probably, indicating an uncertain degree of uncertainty.
A; "You going to be on-line tomorrow?"
B: (having no idea one way or the other), "Prossibly".
#possible #probable #certain #unlikely #doubt #unknown
by MoLincs September 20, 2009
The application of the expression 'you can take a horse to water, but you can't make it drink' the more familiar domestic dog.
When someone either deliberately or through stupidity refuses to take the obvious decision or follow the necessary course of action.
Can also be "...cock its leg".
A: "I told X to look at the new proceedures before the promotion interview"
B: "yeah, well, you can take a dog to a tree but you can't make it bend its leg".
#dog #tree #pee #obvious #horse #stupid person
by MoLincs September 20, 2009
An exorbitant price quoted in response to an enquiry, often in bargaining situations in markets etc. where haggling is usual.

An over optimistic price quoted in the hope of snaring an unsuspecting buyer, tourist etc.
Said by the prospective purchaser to indicate that they know roughly what something is worth and are not going to pay over the odds.
Man standing in front of shop selling oriental rugs, shopkeeper approaches:
"How much is that one (pointing to a nice example)...but don't quote me no Jesus price"
#jesus #jesus saves #jesus christ! #jesus and mary #jesus mary and joseph #the price is right #at any price #every man has his price #cheap at half the price #jesusprice jesus-price #jesus price (english name?)
by MoLincs August 05, 2009
effect of a bra at lest one size too small causing a bulge over the top of the cup. Either due to someone trying to look like they have more than they have, or being too fat for an old bra.
Having nothing else clean to wear, Waynetta wore her oldest bra, even though it gave her a severe council house bulge.
Chelsea wanted to impress Kevin so she stuffed her bra with padding underneath, she thought it gave her an impressive cleavage but everyone else thought it was just council house bulge.
#bra. council house #project #housing project #picasso bra #clevage
by MoLincs October 24, 2009
corruption of 'mo' (modus operandi) resulting from a dictation tape being sent to a typist unfamiliar with the terminology.
Brett dictated "the incident shows the MO for the suspect Mugsy". When the report came back it read "the incident shows the air mole for the suspect Mugsy"....so he left it as it was for entertainment value.
#mo #modus operandi #method of operation #modus #mode of operation
by MoLincs October 24, 2009
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