A name given to those of the gaming world once they attain enough foresight to be able to outwit their opponents
HOLY SHIT!!!!! That prophet just dodged my fookin shot!
by Prophet Mech January 25, 2004
Top Definition
Someone gifted with the power to forsee events as they happen.
by Anonymous July 12, 2003
one who feels the need to preach their moral beliefs even if you have no interest/want to listen to their shit
The prophet said, " I really think what you are doing is weird and gross, listen to my pastor preach about the ways of the Lord."
by CWS69 April 28, 2009
The Highest-Rank of the Convenant race in the game Halo. They are like the "popes" of the Convies.
The prophets are the ones that predicate the Convenant Religion...
by Estefano Palacios August 17, 2004
Johnny Nally. Known as Prophet for his insightful comments and observations.
When he said: 'Daniel is Desmo's anal poker, his chode smoker, the blackjack and stumpy joker'
by Mr Jones April 25, 2005
Ugly-ass old guy aliens in Halo.

They don't do any of the fighting.
If the rest of the Covenant could just figure out that the Prophets are total wusses, none of this would have happened.
by Cortana Dragoon July 02, 2005
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