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Foodstuffs or culinary combinations which are best suited for consumption and/or preparation by an intoxicated individual.
Lily ate an entire platter of deep-fried bacon-crusted pork rinds on my white suede couch last night-- that's some serious drunkuisine.
by Badwig September 28, 2009
A condition characterized by the adoption, and subsequent involuntary internalization of, the mannerisms and habits of the late Hunter S. Thompson.
Johnny Depp's case of Hunter S. Thompson Syndrome (HSTS) during the filming of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was so accurate and deeply entrenched that it actually creeped out Thompson himself.
by Badwig January 23, 2010
When Morse Code is transmitted via farts (flatulence). Hence, Arse (ass) Code.
Henrietta made it impossible to breathe in the elevator, by blowing Arse Code to Lily, who was responding via smoke signal. Needless to say, neither survived the resulting explosion.
by Badwig February 16, 2010
Death by Shamu, the famous killer whale at Sea World.
A trainer was Shamurdered by one of the whales at Orlando's Sea World in February of 2010, prompting the San Diego location to temporarily cancel their Shamu show.
by Badwig February 24, 2010
An ass-backwards, digital age term for a VCR.
"How are we supposed to watch this copy of Alien Private Eye? I don't have a VHS Player!
by Badwig February 02, 2010

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