one of the best lyricists to come out of detroit. big part of D12. shot and killed outside a club recently. will be missed!
R.I.P. Proof AKA Dirty Harry
by ngelksnfgl May 14, 2006
The late but great rapper from Detroit was a good friend of Eminem and was killed in a shooting at an after-hours nightclub on April 11, 2006. He was one of the more talented members of D12.
"I wanna roll away
Like a rollerblade
Until my eyes roll back in my skull for days" - Purple Pills
by AndrewQuick April 26, 2006
DeShaun 'Proof' Holton (1973-2006). Was a vital member of the Detroit Hip Hop scene. One of the founders of D12. Proof was a close friend of Eminem's and was his best man in Em's last marriage. Was shot and killed on the 11th of April 2006 at the Detroit CCC nightclub.

RIP Proof
Another rapper loses his life for nothing. Rest in peace Proof.
by |ilan| April 13, 2006
one og the greatest rappers at the moment, his career was jus starting off but sadly he was shot in the head and died ealry morning on tuesday 11th april 2006

R.I.P DeShaun Holton AKA Proof
proof also played lil tic in eminems movie 8mile and was recently the best man 4 eminems second marrage but same wife!
by wg girl April 13, 2006
a member of the group D-12 and a great friend to eminem..the man who really started eminems career in what turns eminem started 50 cents career,rapper Proof will be missed sadly,died april 12 in the club,CCC club,if u dont know how he passed away Look somewhere else,its hard to think what happened to a great person.....another senseless lost in the rap empire!!!!'ll be missed like the other lost rap matter who it is,we lost someone in the rap game
by homeboy April 12, 2006
(verb) To ask to see a driver's license as proof of age of a person entering a bar or ordering an alcoholic drink. Commonly used in upstate New York.
Last night when we went out I got proofed at the door. The bouncers in Rochester are such hardasses.
by Baxtorrent November 17, 2005
one of the rappers in a great band D12. his old alias, oil can harry. his newer alias was Derty harry, Proof is a great rapper and he is the FOUNDER OF D12 a lot of people think eminem started it because he has the most money n he is more famous than possibly all of the rest of dirty dozen together but ask anyone who nows n e thing bout rap... D12 was started by proof,

.:.Proof, May you rest in peace, Have a safe trip back home man.:.
The founder of D12 Was gunned down trageccally after a confretation at a club along the strip of 8 mile road were Proof, pulled a gun and shot a man in the head and then was shot at 4 times by the mans cousin. one of the bullets penetrated oil can harrys head and killed him he wass pronounced dead at the hospital around 4:45 am on april 11 2006... prayers go out to your wife and 3 kids
by dj White craze April 15, 2006
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