A member of the rap group D12. Real name DeShaun Holton and is a prominent figure in the legacy of rapper Eminem. Being the one who got him really into the business and was often his hypeman. Passed away early April 11, 2006 in a fatal shooting in a Detroit Club. R.I.P.
"Did you hear about that rapper Proof?"
"Yeah I did, he's a god damn legend"
by Dosey April 11, 2006
One of the best rappers ever. He was apart of Eminem's rap band called D12, he was also great friends with Eminem, he played as Lil Tic in the movie 8 Mile and was Eminems best man on his 2nd marriage. He was shot dead in Detroit on April 11 2006 at 4 in the morning. R.I.P Proof we all miss you.
R.I.P Proof, you were a great rapper, and a great man. You may be dead but you still live on through our hearts and minds. You wont be forgotten. Say hi to Biggie, Pac, Big L, and Bugz for me.
by We Love You Proof April 13, 2009
D12 Rapper fatally shot in the head in a Detroit nightclub on Tuesday.
"According to police, evidence indicates 32-year-old Proof (born DeShaun Holton) fired the first round in Tuesday's fatal shootout inside the CCC Club, located along East Eight Mile Road in Detroit's East Side. But before he pulled the trigger, eyewitnesses claim, Proof pistol-whipped Keith Bender Jr., who fell to the floor, at which point police claim Proof shot him in the face. Proof was then fatally shot by another man — once in the back of the head and twice in the chest."
A useless geometry tool taught by teachers to piss you off emensely, and eventually, fail you.
Teacher: Please now make a proof table to show how you got your answer.

Student: Bitch!, the answer is right! Why the fuck would i need to show how i got my answer with a PROOF?
by Killagriffin December 12, 2010
Rapper from D12. One of Eminem's best friends (he was the best man at Eminem's wedding). Shot dead on April 11, 2006 in Detroit outside of a club in a gun shooting.
Proof is now a deceased rapper to be remembered along with others such as 2pac, The Notorious B.I.G., Big L, and other D12 member Bugz.
by Theodore Ko April 14, 2006
The term comes from the practice of adding gun powder to an alcoholic liquid and putting a match to it. If the powder ignited then the drink was "Proven". Now is used to show the alcohol content of a beverage. It is calculated by multiplying the % of alcohol in a drink by 2. Ergo, the max proof of an alcoholic drink is 200.
Despite the beers lower proof than the Everclear, if you beerbong 13, you still pass out.
by The Reverend Dr. Syn June 02, 2005
one of the best lyricists to come out of detroit. big part of D12. shot and killed outside a club recently. will be missed!
R.I.P. Proof AKA Dirty Harry
by RagnarP April 15, 2006

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