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an extremely unpopular, but untapped slang word for getting drunk that was slipped to me by a guy in uptown with a red dress shirt and a really skinny black leather tie. it's really precise - that is, it really makes you think about the numbers.
I imagine "proofed" is thought of like a workout: 40 proof, 3 reps, 5 sets, etc, ad nauseum.
I've only heard it once, and no one's ever heard of it.
Also good for bad crunk jokes at the expense of drunk friends:
I guess he's too proofed for a Child-Proof Lighter.
He just went from Jaeger-proof to Jaeger-proofed.
Or goading the same beyond-the-pail* friends to "proof it" and drink even more whenever they say something stupid or incoherent. If you lift the bottle in their hands, that also helps.

*this is a pun about puking.

trolleyed is the best word for getting drunk ever spoken.
by brokeblokejokes May 21, 2006
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