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like it was put below me, an old alias of one of the rappers in a great band D12. his newer alias was Derty harry, Proof is a great rapper and he is the FOUNDER OF D12 a lot of people think eminem started it because he has the most money n he is more famous than possibly all of the rest of dirty dozen together but ask anyone who nows n e thing bout rap... D12 was started by proof,

.:.Proof, May you rest in peace, Have a safe trip back home man.:.
The founder of D12 Was gunned down trageccally after a confretation at a club along the strip of 8 mile road were Proof, pulled a gun and shot a man in the head and then was shot at 4 times by the mans cousin. one of the bullets penetrated oil can harrys head and killed him he wass pronounced dead at the hospital around 4:45 am on april 11 2006... prayers go out to your wife and 3 kids
by dj White craze April 15, 2006
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