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The wonderful delusion that everyone is out to make you happy. Cf. paranoia.
Jenni's pronoia convinced her that small pixies were out to sprinkle her with fairy dust and feed her cookies.
by Spritedust May 15, 2004
The delusion that people think better of you than they actually do. The opposite of paranoia.

Phil thinks that he is indispensable at work and that his superiors and colleagues adore him. Sadly, this is a case of pronoia since he is totally incompetent.


Melanie has a case of pronoia because she thinks everyone looks up to her, when in reality, people think she's quite obnoxious!
#paranoid #delusion #positive #hippy #naive #unaware
by Lotusflower March 02, 2007
The unreasoned belief that everyone is out to help you.
When she goes to bed at night, she doesn't lock her front door ... she's got a bad case of Pronoia !!

My dentist did a great job ... he filled my cavities with mercury amalgams, and then gave me a fluoride rinse. I don't know why my Naturopathic doctor is treating me for Pronoia ?!?!?
#polyanna #paranoia #conspiracy #optimism #pessimism
by Tursiops October 18, 2011
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