-a person who procrastinates to the point of being called an expert

-He or she may be constantly active without actually progressing on his or her assigned task (mostly homework)though usually related to the lazy-bum and the couch potato
an example of a procrastinator is a person who has his/her entrance exam for college four months from now and this is what he/ she does:

1. pretends to care at first by searching for review centers online then ending up on a porn site jacking off to a hot asian girl/guy

2. spends weeks on tracking this asian girl through the net

3. gives up on the net and just searches for the nearest asian girl/guy

4. spends a month stalking this said asian girl/ guy

5. eats ice cream for day while the said asian person sleeps over another person's house

6. trails this person for the rest of his life until he realizes he never did go to college

7. still stalks the asian person anyway

\ :D /

Another example would be a man who is tasked to draw a simple smiley face on a piece paper. If he doesn't do it he would lose his job and forever be unemployed. Instead of doing it, he goes out with his friends to disneyland while avoiding his date with his wife; while his thesis paper still only has one paragraph; while he skips sleeping; while bacteria causes his laundry to disintegrate behind his bedroom door; while...etc. at the same time.
by rory roars a lot February 14, 2009
Top Definition
One who will do anything, including spending an entire day looking up random words on urban dictionary, to get out of doing work. This habit often has a terrible effect on that person's relationships, work, or grades.
I am a procrastinator
by the_pop_culture_nerd March 12, 2006
One who, when advised that today is the first day of the rest of his life, replies, no, that's tomorrow.
Apparently procrastinator has to be in this sentence or this submission won't go through.
by Scott Semans November 06, 2006
A person who waits until the last possible minute to complete a task. A model of efficiency.

If you wait until the last minute, then it only takes a minute to do it.
He waited until the last minute to do it, he's such a procrastinator.
by SanDog3939 September 15, 2009
A lazy sod that does no work, just avoids it like the plague.
Can't be arsed to do anymore work today, who's up for a bit of procrastination ?
by Keri April 23, 2004
A pro crastinator is someone who takes procrastination to the next level.

The pro crastinator's motto is "Why put off something until tomorrow that I can put off until the day after tomorrow?"
Jim: It's April 30th. Did you get your tax refund back yet?

Joe: It's April already?

Jim: Joe, you aren't a procrastinator, you are a pro crastinator. Pass me your bong.
by Ur Daddie March 01, 2011
a person who really tries to get something done but everything else seems to get in the way (like looking up words on urban dictionary) and then all of the sudden its the night before the test or assignment and you wonder what happened to all the time. aka a mixture of add and just being a college kid...
THE PROCRASTINATOR! I will.... eventually! (have to say it in a superhero voice)
by wat up my peeps October 05, 2009
Someone who delaying or postponing something.
Leaving study until the last minute therefore being a procrastinator
Leaving homework until the last minute therefore being a procrastinator
by Flipfro November 14, 2013
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