Someone who does some time-consuming shit and never gets off their lazy ass to get shit DONE.
You are a procrastinator just by reading this and not doing your damn work.
by This_is_not_your_pseudonym April 17, 2014
"Sir, what's a procrastinator?"
"Well Timmy, just take a look at Eva. She is the human embodiment of procrastination."
by sylar May 12, 2014
A member of the orange Architect's team in Shadow Cities, who repeatedly puts off getting energy until right before a campaign ends. Generally these are badasses from North Carolina
Dreamergirl16: u guys r so far behind u can never catch up

Haak: know we aint nothin but a bunch of procrastinators, we'll be on top at the end
by TheHaak June 16, 2011
Calls her/himself an opportunist ( In a way that s/he is saving her/himself for the right time) but s/he is actually a Procrastinator
Lucas is a procrastinator
by Wickerman October 10, 2013
To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.
The procrastinator decided to DIE... And of course procrastinate.
by TheManWithAPlan September 15, 2013
A word meaning someone who wait's till the last minute to do something because dat bitch is too lazy. The kind of person who does this is a lazy fat mongoloid.
Jordan left his essay till the day before the deadline becuase he is a fucking mongo dipshit procrastinator.
by joraw January 09, 2012
easy ezzy and mutha fuckn milana..
will wait last minute
doing the funniest and stupidest things..
then finish everything about 2 minutes before due(:
wow they have fun.
of course they do, theyre procrastinators(;
by ezzy the mexican ninja July 30, 2011

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