A brief masturbatory interlude separating a lengthy period of idle procrastination and a period of productive intellectual functioning.
"ahhhhhhh! thats better, now i can concentrate"
by ricemond December 03, 2003
Top Definition
Masturbation to kill time when you should be doing something else.
I engaged in an epic procrastibation spree when I should have been writing a paper.
by Harthacnut October 24, 2008
Like twiddling your thumbs, but with a more exciting conclusion.
"Eh, I had a few hours before going out, so I got in some solid procrastibation."
by DeBaser485 December 18, 2008
The sexual gratification of one's self under the guise of relieving stress when one is simply avoiding work.
I found him watching pornography instead of studying, he said he was relieving stress but I know he had wasted hours of time with procrastibation.
by Kyzer13 August 11, 2009
The act of procrastination by the use of excessive masterbation.
Tom: "Hey did you do the English homework?"
Jeff: "Yeah but I didn't finish it until about 2 AM. Procrastibation is really a bitch."
by L2uk3 September 05, 2010
Jacking around when you have more important things to do.
I had a 10 page paper due in several hours but I wallowed in procrastibation.
by uffda.doncha.know February 22, 2010
The use of masturbation to postpone a task in hand. Combination of procrastination and masturbation.
I was supposed to be revising for the exam, but all I've been doing is procrastibation.
by searchlight May 15, 2011
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