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Procrasterbation is the fine art of using masterbation to procrastinate.
Son: "Mom I don't want to take the trash out right now, I'll do it later"

Mother: "Stop your procrasterbation and take the god damn trash out!"
#masterbation #procrastinate #college #papers #porn
by ShooterXL May 29, 2006
to put off a responsibility, duty, etc. in order to masturbate.
"did you do the math homework last night?"
"no man, i let procrasterbation get to me and i forgot all about it"
#masturbation #procrastination #whack off #homework #dick
by createdbyswavilicious March 27, 2009
when instead of getting things done you mastebate
Dude, I had to turn my paper in late due to procrasterbation.
#masterbation #procrastination #procrasterbating #procrasterbated #strokin it.....
by jamesr669 December 28, 2009
The act of masturbating simply because you are putting something else off.procasterbation is most commonly found when students are doing research or other homework on their computer.
Random Student:"Yeah i just got assigned this huge english paper for monday, but i'm probably going to end up procasterbating the whole time"

Ted: All that procrasterbation over the weekend really messed me up for his week's exams"
#masturbation #procrastination #hw #homework #masterbation
by Swazylandish October 17, 2010
When you spank the monkey to avoid doing real work.
God I really don't want to write this paper..

Procrasterbation is always a good alternative.
#procrastination #fap #masterbation #spankthemonkey #diddling
by BruthaDahkness March 26, 2011
The male art of masturbating when he should be doing work or something a female would do.
Man last night i was procrasterbating and now im all fucked up cus i didnt do my project.
by SEAN K (skimbo) April 25, 2005
The art of delaying an orgasm for as long as possible, marathon masturbating.
All this procrasterbation has me rubbed raw.
#procrasturbation #procrastination #premature ejaculation #masturbation #marathon masturbating
by Zagurski November 07, 2011
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