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An offer presented to an employee, usually by a manager, which is an unwanted task outside the scope of the employee's normal job function that will cause much confusion and anxiety and never reward him the recognition he deserves anyway.
"Ron, are you busy? I need your help with something...I have a problemtunity, if you will..."
by Ron Crawley May 05, 2006
An opportunity can lie within a problem. Problem solving can have a very positive and unexpected outcome.

TURN A PROBLEM INTO AN OPPORTUNITY, resulting in improvement or advancement. A PROBLEM IS REALLY AN OPPORTUNITY. It's like the saying, "The solution lies within the problem." A person shouldn't fear, neglect, or ignore problems because the very ACT of addressing them can open new doors and allow one to grow.
Example #1
Someone at a business meeting is complaining about mistakes made by the receptionist when taking down messages. The problem-tunity here is to take some positive action: perhaps submit some protocal that can be used as a company model and/or part of training. It would take the complainer and turn them into a positive employee in the eyes of management.

Example #2
A Bully at school is trying to con a Kid out of lunch money. The Kid usually hides or goes out of their way to avoid the Bully. Problem = Bully focusing on the Kid and creating shame or embarassment. Opportunity = Kid using the attention from the Bully creatively to befriend them and become allies.
by myfavoritecolorisclear February 01, 2011
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