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A way of telling your boss, ''Fuck You'' without him knowing..
Boss ''Can you work Saturday''
Employee ''Sure,no problem''
by thefullronnie September 27, 2011
Managerial term used to descibed a fuck up commited by themselves
Why wasn't more whiskey ordered???...''It was an oversight''
by thefullronnie August 31, 2011
Well known Irish TV character famous for her extravagant wedding plans..
Honey,i've just hired a wedding planner....Aw,don't be going all ''Noreen Doogan'' on me....
Stephanie's having a horse and carriage for her wedding....How ''Noreen Doogan'' is that...
I don't know whether to have a church or a civil ceremony...What would ''Noreen Doogan'' do..
by thefullronnie September 05, 2011
Covering your ass
He said he wasn't shown what to do,so escaped blame...He used the Pamper's Clause...
by thefullronnie August 26, 2011

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