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A group of often successful, intellectual people who use drugs, especially psycho actives such as LSD, mushrooms, DMT and weed to gain knowledge, experience and spiritual enlightenment.

They are not perturbed by current drug propaganda that labels all drugs are destructive and for “wash-outs” and see drugs as a way to enrich their lives.

Anti-drug activists: if you use drugs you must be dissatisfied with you life. You are going to destroy yourself and die!!

Pro-drug enthusiast: well, no actually. I have been using acid for years and my life has improved because of it.
#pro-drug #psychonaut #acid #lsd #mushrooms #dmt
by Ethergian October 30, 2007
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A drug which is converted to another in the body. The many pro-drugs are inactive until they are metabolised into this "active metabolite".
Vyvanse is the brand name for lisdexamphetamine. It is a pro-drug for amphetamine and as a result its effects in the body are very similar.
by JollyJerry April 21, 2016
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