The Pro is the bro morphed into an older, more determined bro. His qualities are people skills, creativity, and networking, but he no longer uses them to schmooze everyone on campus. Now they are granted positions in the business and frat-banking world by friends of their dads and/or delusional people in HR who actually believe they don't party.

Women are intrigued by what "Pros" do all day. They think their job is the hardest thing in the world but it basically involves making spreadsheets(lists), getting paid to attend happy hours, wearing pretentious Hermes ties, and pretending to know big words like "forecasting" and "derivatives" aka living up their managing director's ass. Really hard.

The Pro still parties and remains hot. There is nothing we'd rather hear on a date than a Pro complaining about career bullshit, like how he has to wake up at 5 am or how amazing he is for securing a coveted slot on his boss' lunch schedule. As he says this, the mind wanders directly to sex $$$.

Pros are ideal for twenty-somethings because they still maintain their aura of cocky bro without actually being one. They get tables at clubs, take business trips to Vegas as VIPs, and can skillfully cut a line.

When allowing guys to flirt with you, look for the Pros. They’re the ones who are hot like Roberto from Bachelorette and are motivated like Bradley Cooper in Limitless after he takes his Adderall NZT. Don’t let yourself be 25 still dating a bro. Pros over bros.
Thank god he went from bro to pro.
by betcheslovebros January 25, 2012
One who can insert the usb cord on their first try
Dude! You just put it in on your first try! You must be a pro!
by Thebuzz76 February 19, 2015
(noun) A word that should not be yelled in public considering that it has two very different connotations that often get confused:

1. A Professional

2. A Prostitute
"Thanks for helping me last night. I was depressed and you really CAME through for me. You're a real pro at what you do."
"Sure, anytime you need some professional help on your computer."

"Man, how did you get so good at playing baseball? You're such a pro!"
"Thank you, I get a lot of practice as a prostitute."
by ncmo April 26, 2010
A prefix or word often used in advertising, which may denote "professional," but which has come to connote "awful toy-like junk."
Our new "pro-series" condenser mics may sound like trash to an educated ear, but you're such a hack, you won't know the difference!
by fatmanstomach March 01, 2012
Whose noobs think they all hack but they don't.
Noob: Kick that hacker!
Other Player: He's Pro and stop being jealous
by Kururuko January 07, 2011
-Bane of a noob/newb's existence

-Someone who is experienced at a game

-A person that can pwn normal players
Lulz the stupid n00b just got pwned by that pro.
by Tiredofnoobs October 03, 2008
Parent(s) Reading Over Shoulder

Typing PROS into a chat conversation can be used to indicate to the other person that they should either stop talking, send a wave of spam to cover what was previously said, or start talking about a "safe" topic.
Person A: hey bby
Person B: wats up?
Person A: nm just horny
Person A: u?
Person B: mm *strokes ur dick*
Person A: PROS
(After a few minutes)
Person A: ok they r gone
Person B: haha that was close
by 129847579 November 17, 2012

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