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2 definitions by Youcantbeserious

In a situation where headbanging isn't enough, heavy metal and hardcore acts will resort to full body headbanging, shortened to bodybang.

A bodybang can be accomplished by planting both feet about shoulder length apart and using momentum from the upper body to propel the torso towards the ground.

In most cases, a bodybang can be used in a breakdown or half-time part. Synchronization throughout the entire band is key for the full effect.
Dude, that breakdown was immense.
I know, did you see those bodybangs?!
by Youcantbeserious June 03, 2010
In a restaurant or buffet setting, a larger person who obviously is no stranger to the inner workings of the menu at a particular establishment.

Pros most commonly frequent buffets, but also will occasionally branch out.

It is encouraged to document pro sightings via Twitpic or Facebook.
I would love to get some more fried rice from the buffet, but there's a pro filling up his 6th plate.
by Youcantbeserious June 01, 2010